Saturday, March 2, 2013


In one of my last post I talked about mood lighting in my kitchen.  I mentioned I would talk more about the lighting control system I use in my home so today I wanted to share about it in a little more detail.  I am in no way affiliated with X-10 and am not being paid to say these things.  This is just the method I use in my home and have grown to love.

I think lighting is one of the most important things you can add to a space and it's one of the easiest ways to set the mood in your home.  My house is old and that means no cool recessed lights in my ceiling.  No way, Jose...I have lamps...lots and lots of lamps.  When I first moved in to my house I would walk in to the living room, turning on each lamp individually.  It wasn't a huge deal, but with six lamps it took me a while to turn them all on.  :)  A friend of mine told me about a lighting control system that I fell in love with.  It's nice because you can turn on all the lamps in a room with the touch of ONE button plus it makes all of your lamps dimmable.  Major bonus!

Now wait just a second...before you tune me out...I promise it's super easy!  :)  I did it and I promise you can do it too!

You'll need two things: a plug in controller and a lamp module for each lamp you want to control.  I ordered all of my supplies on Ebay.

Plug-In Controller (MC10A)

Lamp Module (LM465)

Step 1:  Assign a frequency to the controller by turning this dial.  My living room is set to "C".

Step 2:  Assign the lamp module to the same frequency.  Again, in my living room that is "C".

Step 3:  Assign each lamp a number so you can control them individually.

 Step 4:  Plug in your lamp cord to the bottom of the lamp module.

Step 5: Plug in your lamp module and your controller and you're all set.

See...I told you it was simple.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with X-10, just a girl who has used and loved their products.