Sunday, August 7, 2016


Today we loaded up the van and headed for the Farmers Market.  It was what I like to call a 'Toy Story' day.  The term for days when the sky is bright blue with white puffy clouds.  If you've watched the movie you may remember the wallpaper in the little boys room and I always think about it on a day like today.

Wyatt is such a trooper.  I seriously lucked out with him.  Easiest. baby. EVER.  He started out the day in my Solly baby wrap and then ended up in the stroller, quietly looking at all the sites around us.  He smiled and cooed and it made this mama heart so happy

 Grace and my mom love honey sticks so we were on a mission to find a stand that sold them.  They like trying all the different flavors and there are a lot of them.  Some of our favorite stops were the roasted sweet corn stand and the ribeye stand.  Both were delicious!  It was busy by the time we arrived so getting around was a bit difficult with the stroller and the crowds of people but we still managed.

We didn't stop at the Cupcake Camper but isn't this just darling?  What a great idea for an old vintage camper.  They were selling cupcakes in the cutest little boxes and they even had a Sprinkle Station.  Next time we go to the Farmers Market we will definitely give them a try.  I looked up their website and it sounds like the owner has some serious cupcake skills.

One of the local colleges was demonstrating sign making using an old ink press.  Grace got to try it out and made a really cute sign that I will probably hang in my kitchen.   Notice her outfit.  She's started to dress herself this summer thanks to a new bedroom with a closet rod that she can actually reach.  The benefit is I don't have to pick out her outfits anymore BUT the downside is you just never know what she is going to wear. We've seen some pretty interesting combinations and this day was no different.

For Grace, no trip to the Famers Market is complete without a popsicle.  No one minded this stop because it gave us an excuse to sit down and cool off for a bit and Grandma got to hold Wyatt.  Farmers Markets really are the perfect Saturday morning activity.

Friday, July 8, 2016


On May 28th we welcomed this little man into our lives.  We are so in love!

Wyatt Michael Clem - 9lbs 15oz - 20" long