Saturday, February 16, 2013


I think it's safe to say I'm a coffee nut and I especially LOVE Starbucks.  The folks at my local Starbucks are great and they already know what I'm going to order when I pull up and they are super friendly.  I can't say enough about them, they're fantastic.  The problem is, it was getting pretty expensive to go there every day and I started feeling guilty about my monthly coffee budget, so a couple of months ago I started researching espresso makers to find a solution that would still allow me to have good coffee in the morning, but hopefully cut down on my monthly coffee budget.

After a LOT of research I opted for a Nespresso Pixie with milk frother.  The thing I love about this machine is that it's fast (only takes me about a minute or less to make a latte), it make really great espresso, and it's compact (my kitchen isn't very large).

The initial investment wasn't cheap but compared to some of the other models out there it's not bad at all.  The machine uses pods and each pod is only sixty cents...much better than my $5.35 I was spending at Starbucks.

I've had the machine for a couple of months now and I've been really happy with it.  It is my new bestie! :)

P.S. This post is in no way affiliated with Nespresso or Starbucks, just a girl that loves my new espresso machine AND Starbucks.  :)