Sunday, January 18, 2015


Today I'm back with a very picture heavy post about my wedding.  Yep, that's right I got married!!!  I mentioned yesterday that I hadn't blogged for a while.  Well let's just say this last year has been one of the BEST and BUSIEST years of my life.  Last February I met the most amazing man.  Ha, I say met but as it turns out we have worked together for the last four plus years but because we worked different shifts and in different departments we never really talked much.  

I was honestly freaked out when he first asked me out.  I was pretty sure I was going to say no, but a coworker urged me to "take a chance" so I reluctantly said ok.  I am so happy I took that chance!

We planned our wedding in four months and on a pretty tight budget.  We did as much as we could on our own and kept the guest list down which helped tremendously.  I LOVED everything about my wedding and I wouldn't change a thing...well I may have changed my wedding shoes but that's it!  Seriously though, no one sees your shoes so don't spend a fortune on them.  :)

Oh and one last thing.  My husband has a seven year old daughter that is the sweetest and cutest little girl.  Just wait and see...she was the flower girl in our wedding.  :)  I feel so lucky...not only did I meet an amazing man but I also get to call myself stepmom BONUS mom to this little girl!  :)