Monday, July 8, 2013


Hello there!  It's finally time for another post! was times months ago, but life has been crazy these days.  Did everyone have a super weekend?  I had a great one!  I stayed home mainly...watched movies, read home decor magazines, sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful (hot) weather.  I even had my cousin and her three little ones over for a fun sleepover....park, ice cream, sparklers (also known as sprinklers by her oldest boy).  We had a blast!

I know this isn't traditional post for this blog, but I wanted to share a little bit about the baby shower I had the pleasure of hosting for my sister Allison.  My other sister and and I hosted it and I think it turned out great!

Because she was just having one shower, we ended up hosting it at a local church to accommodate everyone.  Party planning is something I LOVE, but I have a tendency to stress myself out trying to host the perfect party.  Not the case this time!  I was calm as a cucumber. :)  My family was such a big help and I'm so grateful for them and everything they do for me.

We kept everything REALLY simple....this is the key to stress free entertaining (at least in my opinion).   :)  We played a few games, served brunch, and opened gifts.  Easy schmeezy!

We made simple centerpieces using rolled up diapers, shredded paper, and these cute little animal figures I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics.  The shower was done in a jungle theme, so these fit in perfectly with our theme.

 We used the same little animal dudes on the prize gift bags too.  How fun are these!

To keep everyone entertained while gifts were being opened we played a little BINGO game.  Everyone filled out their own BINGO board with the gifts they thought my sister would open.

We hung streamers haphazardly around the room so it would look like you were in a jungle...well sort of.  Maybe not quite the jungle, but you get what we were going for, right? ;) 

 I just had to share this picture.  Isn't she the sweetest thing you've ever seen!!!

My best friend and her beautiful baby girl! 

My two beautiful sisters!


All in all the day was a great success!  We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends in our lives!