Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I sat down to have breakfast and shop for my husbands Father's Day gift this morning when I realized how gross my keyboard was.  How on earth did it get like this??  I would like to blame my husband but he rarely uses my computer so I think I'm going to have to take the blame on this one.  :)  I just had surgery yesterday so I had planned on taking it easy but this didn't require much effort so after breakfast I got to work.

When I purchased my computer I promised myself I would never let the keyboard get all dirty and nasty like so many others I've seen. I've seen some that looked so dirty you might worry about getting the plague or any number of diseases if you touched it.  Sadly though my keyboard ending up looking just like the others that I've seen...ok maybe not quite as bad but still pretty disgusting.  

I wasn't sure how to go about cleaning the keyboard at first.  I knew that I didn't want to get it very wet and risk ruining the electronics inside.  I did a quick search on Pinterest and found a tutorial about using a magic eraser.  I'm sure this would work great but I'm not a huge fan of Magic Erasers.  They seem to leave a layer of something behind that I'm not a fan of so I kept thinking.  That's when I thought about a jewelry cleaning tip I thought I could adapt to use for the keyboard.  I gathered my supplies and whipped up my magic potion...aka Windex and a drop of Dawn dish soap.

I poured a little windex into my little glass bowl and added just a drop of dawn dish soap.  I put the mixture in the microwave for 20 seconds and when I got it out it was boiling which is what we want.  Since I am only using a small amount of liquid it doesn't require a very long microwave time.

Once I had my mixture ready and dipped the end of my q-tip in the liquid and squeezed the end of the q-tip to 'wring out' some of the liquid so it wouldn't be so wet and then lightly rubbed each key.  

After letting the cleaner sit for just a few seconds I went back with a cotton ball and wiped each key. 

I worked row by row until the entire keyboard looked like new again.  

It probably took me 10 minutes at most to clean the entire keyboard.  Now it looks like new and I'm not so horified to touch it.  Plus when we have company over they won't be worried about diseases and the plague when they see it. :)