Wednesday, November 21, 2012


A few months ago I told you about a tool called Chip It.  Chip It takes any image you have and creates a coordinating color pallet.  You can see that post here. 

Almost a year ago I bought a shower curtain for my bathroom, but I never put it up because I wanted to paint first.  Well, after almost three years in my home I FINALLY painted my bathroom.  I'm so happy to finally be making some progress in this room.  It was the only room in the house I hadn't done anything with.

I'm not done with the room yet, but here are a few picture of the new paint color, shower curtain, and wainscotting.  Have I ever mentioned that I <3 wainscotting.  :)

I took these pictures on my phone, so I know they aren't the best.

 This light REALLY needs to go.  It just glares at me every time I walk in the bathroom now. :)

I know the space isn't finished, but progress is progress, right?  For now, the little changes I have made make me happy when I walk in the room.